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I had ax XM radio installed by Best Buy in my 27-foot Coachman. The radio works fine, but the antenna does not provide enough coverage so I get a lot of sound breaking up. Can anyone suggest a better antenna than the "button" one I have? Where is the best place to install it? Thanks.
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Thomas, you didn't say WHERE they installed your antenna. Isn't your Coachman a Class C? If so, then they probably mounted the antenna on the hood somewhere.

My XM comes in through my GPS (Garmin). I have a magnet mount that sits loosely up on the dashboard. The reason that I left it like that is because I didn't want to snake a long wire up to the roof through my MH's body.

Having said that, I have to move that "hockey puck" around from the front to the side window depending on my direction of travel. Sometimes that isn't enough and the signal drops out.

The point I'm making is that your XM antenna is a satellite antenna. It has to have a constant view of the sky. The hood of a Class C motorhome is going to be shielded by the MH body at some point in your travel. That's when the signal will be spotty or drop out completely.

Mount that antenna up on the top of the MH and you won't have any problems.


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I have my XM radio button antenna mounted on my roof. I have a Class C. I mounted the "button" with industrial
sticky back velcro right where the rubber roof meets the curved metal of the cab over. I ran the antenna wire
behind that rubber thing where the cab over piece meets the side piece. Just carefully pry up the rubber and slip the wire behind it. Used clear packaging tape from side to drivers door. I ran into the left driver side door, down along the window, underneath steering column, etc. Works great! The antenna has never moved. You can also use a 3M product (Dual Lock) if you can find it. I have two small solar panels "hung" up in my front window with the stuff.
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Thank you for your helpful comments. The XM button antenna was mounted inside the unit. It didn't work on the hood because of the overhang. I'm going to have it moved to the roof when it goes in for maintanance next month.
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Thanks for asking this question. We have had the same trouble with ours. I was wondering how to get better reception. We have been listening to alot of cd's. I will tell hubby to relocate the antenna and we will be able to listen to the radio again. Yay!!!! :clown: :laugh: