YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! NEW TT

I just had to share my good news. I just got back from the local RV Show. I put a down-payment on a new K-Z Coyote 180 TT. I am so exicted.
We have a trip planned to Florida in April.
I am going to download some pics (if I can) if anyone would like to see my new TT.


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Re: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! NEW TT

Congratulations. Have fun down here in Florida. April is generally a good time to come as it hasn't become really hot. We'll be pulling out of Florida on April 15, heading back to Alaska. Drive safe. :laugh: :laugh: :) :)
Re: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! NEW TT

Thanks for all replies. This is our first TT but have owned a small MH for 11 yrs.
I sure we will have lots of fun learning to back up. LOL