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We are thinking of hitting yellowstone in the summer 2008 and want to plan ahead of time. Will probably make a 2 or 3 week trip out of it. Does any one have any recommendations and/or know of the best places to stop along the way to camp and visit. We have four kids so keep that in mind. Appreciate it!!! :cool:

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Re: Yellowstone

Hey Rhonda, welcome to the forum. I would come in from the East and camp in Cody, WY for a couple of days and then maybe try to get a camping spot in the Park for a week or so. If you have time , spend a couple of days in West Yellowstone, MT. Both Cody, WY and West Yellowstone, MT are fun towns to visit. Lots of things for the kids to do. On the way home, Jackson Hole, WY would be a fun place to visit. You will probably need to make reservations far in advance of your trip if you stay in Commercial campgrounds. A lot of the Forest Service campgrounds are first come first serve, but some are run by commercial companies and take reservations. Also, I believe some of the Yellowstone Nat'l Park Campgrounds take reservations. Checkout for Yellowstone Campgrounds.


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Re: Yellowstone

Hi Rhonda,
My husband and I just left the Yellowstone area a few days ago. If you are going to stay in Yellowstone, the campgrounds w/in the park fill up QUICK!!! You need to be at the door by 8am and MAYBE you'll get a spot!!

We stayed at Grizzly RV in West yellowstone, MT. Great park, about $43/night for FHU. It's only a few blocks from the park entrance and we spent 2 days traveling through the park.

You will also want to spend some time in the Grand Tetons!!! But, if you do, be sure to go to the COLTER BAY CAMPGROUND (NOT THE TRAILER PARK!) The campground is about $17/night....dry camping, but they do have a dump site there. Very beautiful, quiet and NEVER - NEVER FULL!!!
The Trailer Park is a FHU park and about $45/night and packed!!!The are right next to each other and can be confusing at first. But you can access the entire area from the Campground and it is some much nicer than the RV park -- CHEAPER, TOO!!!


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RE: Yellowstone

Cody is a must, just east of Yellowstone's east entrance!!! Many things to see. The old Buffalo Bill Hotel in the middle of town, Buffalo Bill Museum, Winchester Museum, The rodeo west of town and i think there are two camp grounds. It was a long time ago for me but we are going again this year. Ya have to see the Grand Tetons and save enough time because there are so many things to see in Yellowstone. We never could find a place to stay in Yellowstone so we stayed by the Grand Tetons, drove through the park and went on to Cody and were glad we did. Have fun