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I am being transferred for work in 6 days and just bought a 5th wheel trailer to get me thru the next bit of time.....thats the background, now with the question. I have a 1996 F-150 with a standard transmission and the 4.9L engine. I bought a 25' coachman catalina trailer. I can't seem to find the weight of the trailer but believe that if I leave it bone dry (fill the tanks when I get there) and completely empty to haul it I should be ok???? Is this right? I will be traveling from SE Tennessee to the southern tip of Indiana.

Triple E

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Re: yet another newbie

I believe the dry weight is 4500 lbs. So yes if you haul it dry you will be alright. You have the small V-8 so pulling will be slow up the hills. With my F-150 I pull 5000 lbs. with no problems but I would not like to pull anything over that. Have a safe trip and I hope you have a chance to take in the sights during your move. ;)