yet another NOOBE question

I seem to have a lot of sway in the coach while moving down the highway. There is some play in the steering wheel. From about 11 to 1 on the steering. I had a reputible RV, Bus, and Truck repair shop look at it. They did an alienment as well as an adjustment on the steering box. They said the rest of the front end looked great. It is a single axel unit. Is this swaying and play in the wheel just something that I'm going to have to get used to? Thanks.

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I think it's a Dodge frame. I have a 1977 Georgie Boy Cruise Air with a Dodge 440 engine. Hope that helps. It is a class A.


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i would look into a really good steering stabilizer ,, if it's that bad ,, My parents owned a 76 Cheiftan on a dodge chassis ,,, and it did like to sway ,, but my dad updated the sway bars and also the steering stabilzer and also better shocks ,, made a bit more difference ,,, but it still didn't drive like the last 2 class A's they owned ,, the second was a Cross Country on a chevy chassis ,,, drove like nothing else ( i can say this cause about that time i got my lic) anyway ,,, the next coach was a Alegro Bus ,DP and MAN u want to talk about a cadillac ,, this one is it ,, but it has tag axles ,, but now that i own it ,,, that will be my buying point if i ever buy a new class A ,, i need to drive it ,, not just around the block but for about 40 miles or so ,, I don't care about all the bling bling they put inside ,, i want a good handling coach on the road ,,, ok sorry for the long post ,, and kinda getting off subject,, us old rver's tend to get off subject on here ,, now and agian
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Tell us a little more about the"sway". I had a terrible problem...replaced gear box and steering column (under warranty). It turned out to be a bent wheel. But mine was more of a shimmy.