Hello everyone! My Wife and I just bought a used TT. I found this site while doing research before buying, So I have decided to join in! We want to plan a vacation to Yosemite this summer and looking for advice as to where to stay in the park. We hope to stay I the park for 2-4 nights and then the eastern side for 1 or 2 nights doing some fishing. Anybody help with a suggestion? thanks

John S welcome to our world the enchanting world of RV ing. With all its heart aches and flat tires We wouldn't trade it for any thing.

To answer your question if you scroll back through destinations, they have several good recomendations as where to stay as well as the best roads to travel.

What I do know is the your stay will be way too short and you will return and stay a lot longer next tome.

Thanks fot the help!
I actualy tried that, I know how to get their, I would be happy with a weeks worth of fishing, trying to make the Wife happy. I picked up a magazine the other day I will try that. I will try to make some reservations this week if it is not to late, Otherwise I now some great fishing and camping sites on the east side, will just drive in.