young kids?


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we are new to full time rving and i was wondering if there are any families with young kids? We are younger 30 and 27 with kids 6,2,and 6 months. it would be nice to make some friends.. that have kids grandkids with them or just like kids..
any suggestions on how to find more family social?


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Re: young kids?

welcome to the forum, yes they are kids out there since it is near summer, also they are homeschoolers on the road often during the year,
sometimes they will be only older groups you know 40plus at the campsites so be warned that they may spoil your children


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Re: young kids?

If you choose your parks wisely, you will find kid-friendly amenities and kids. There are some full-timing families out there as well. Perhaps your kids will have a chance to develop some friendships by making arrangements to connect every couple of months.


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RE: young kids?

Welcome to the forum Maria and to full-timing. As Brodavid says - since it is near summertime there will be young children at some of the RV parks. I envy the fact that you are able to full-time at such a young age. Your children will do nothing but benefit from it! Children are like little sponges and will soak up everything on the road. It will be not only a wonderful experience for them, but for you watching them enjoy everything. Good luck!