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Hubby and I are looking for a budget-friendly RV. We have two years until the kids are raised and then we plan on doing some traveling.

We have found a 1984 Holiday Rambler Ambassador. It is 31 ft and has 74,000 miles. Inside - great shape; outside needs a wash and wax.

To be road ready it needs, 6 tires, exhaust work and inspection for the road. It also needs the generator tuned; air conditioner either fixed or new freon. It could use general TLC on minor things.

It hasn't been inspected in two years. The husband is ill and the wife is just wanting to get rid of it.

They are asking $3900 for it.

Does anyone have any suggestions - opinions - or any information on how one determine's what is a good deal or not? We've been researching prices from dealers; but really want some input from those who are more experienced!


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Re: Your Opinion/Suggestions......

Hey wolf17777, welcome to the forum. You will probably need a NEW air conditioner. I tried to get mine repaired about 4 years ago and found out unless you can find a person that works on house/business air conditioners and is willing to try to recharge you RV air conditioner, you will need to replace the whole unit. The RV air conditioners are closed systems and can't normally be re-charged with freon. Some of the better air condition repairmen can tap into the system and re-charge it, but they are hard to find. If it is an original air conditioner ( 1984) it would be better to replace it. It would require freon, which is hard to come by and expensive. The new units use a different kind of refrigerant (environment friendly). Figure around $800/$1000. :(


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Re: Your Opinion/Suggestions......

That one is probably too old to have a 'market value'. It is worth whatever it is worth, to you. Don't forget to subtract the cost of all repairs, and I would suggest having the sale contingent on it passing inspection.