Your RV Stories

Help!!! We need your best RV stories! The highlight of the rv’ing experience is the people you meet and the stories that unfold. Rv’ing brings with it unique situations and exciting opportunities which lead to surprising and fascinating events.
We believe all of us would enjoy each other’s tales of the road. So, we are writing a book and we need you to share you best rv’ing stories. We welcome all that you have to offer such as humor, the unexpected, surprise, human triumph, nature, pets, spiritual, backing up a trailer, weather, mystical, wild animals and don’t forget love and romance! Please e-mail to or mail to RV Book, 640 Brighton St. Grass Valley, CA 95945. Don’t forget to include your e-mail or home address. Phone numbers are helpful also. Please accept our sincere appreciation and thanks!!!


Re: Your RV Stories

Yea i want mine too ,, i want BIG book sighning promotion at a very dominant book store ,,,, (oh yea roylaties too) :laugh:

DL Rupper

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Re: Your RV Stories

Heck that's what I thought we have been doing is writing little stories about ourselves, trips and how to do it better. All Sparkie needs to do is go back in the archives and retrive all the wonderful material. Have fun Sparkie. Don't forget to send me my check too.