15000 BTU Air Cond verse 13500 in small RV

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by joindy, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Looking at 21-24 foot Travel Trailers. This is the smallest ones that still have decent size bathroom and both dinette and sofa slide. Models include Jayco 24T, 242, and Heartland North Trail 21FBS. One unit has the optional 15k AC unit while others have standard...and less expensive 13.5. Question...would the larger AC unit be necessary to keep in nice and cool on 90-95 degree day...or is that overkill for such a small RV?

    I have no experience with RV's so don't have any idea ho long it takes to cool the RV down when you set up.

    It cost aro8und $225 more for the 15k AC. Also.....would the 15k unit be larger....and heavier?
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    Re: 15000 BTU Air Cond verse 13500 in small RV

    Well, I always say that you can turn down a 15K AC, but you can't turn UP a 13.5 when it is doing all it can do. BUT, in that size trailer I expect a 13.5 will do the job.

    NOW, 225 is Retail markup. Actual cost on the upgrade is 100 to 125, depending on manufacture. Get the upgrade for that, I would go for it.
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    Re: 15000 BTU Air Cond verse 13500 in small RV

    Hi, Joindy
    As Ken said, you turn down the A/C if necessary.
    If you will be doing a lot of boon docking you will have to have a higher power requirements (Bigger Generator). Just something to remember.
    I don’t know how much more power you would need for 1.5K BTUs, shouldn’t be too much, thro.
    Take care and enjoy your new toy!!!

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