2006 E450 Superduty - Fire in engine compartment

Discussion in 'Class C Motorhomes' started by TygreLvr, Jul 31, 2009.

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    Hi everyone,

    I purchased a 2006 Four Winds 5000 29R with Ford V10 E450 Chassis at the end of June. It was in Excellent condition, only 8,473 miles on it. It looked and ran great! I am new to RVing and this was my first one. I was so happy!!! :) :) :)
    July 11th my friend and I headed out on the first trip... I drove 40 miles and had just gotten off the interstate to pick up her parents when it caught on fire while I was at a red light :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Luckily I was first in line so I pulled into an empty parking lot and called 911 - Fire Dept. was there in about 10 min. and put it out. No one was hurt and the Coach did not get any damage.

    I've been waiting to find out where/how it started but the Ford dealer just told me this morning that it got so hot - there was no way to tell... there were plastic and metal parts that totally burned up and were gone. It's still under warranty with Ford & Four Winds until Sept 25th but with an answer like that, I guess I just have to let the Insurance Co. do their job. This whole thing has been a nightmare.

    Of course, Ford has a history of "Fires" but I guess I'll never know. I want it fixed, but I am scared it won't ever be right. Anyone else have any experiences with something like this? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: 2006 E450 Superduty - Fire in engine compartment

    Ford had a recall on cruise control that caused fires. Don't know if it included your year model. Had you ever smelled gas? If it was gas cause your lucky the whole rv didn't burn. If you get a good tech on the repair you will be fine. I used to do burned jobs and loved them. Good luck and keep us posted.
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    RE: 2006 E450 Superduty - Fire in engine compartment


    I have the same model and year Four Winds. What might have happened is this:

    In the engine compartment, on the drivers side cowl is the battery isolator relay. It is cylindrical and has four posts coming out of it. It connects the chassis battery with the coach battery. While you drive both are charged.
    There is also a small black rectangular box which is a timing delay. This is connected to the ignition switch.
    When you start the engine there ia a delay of about 10-15 seconds before the solenoid "kicks" in and connects the coach battery. The problem I found its that the whole mess is continually getting rained upon inside the engine compartment because of where it is located. Rain falls off the overhang right into the space between the hood and the fender. My original shorted out shortly after I purchased the motorhome. My second one lasted about one year with the same problem. I replaced it and covered the part with a small plastic container and tape to protect it from the rain. No more problems! I also called Four Winds, spoke with Stoney Thornburg, to alert them of the potential problem. My first and second units were pretty rusty, especially around the connections. Since there is quite a bit of current going through those terminals, it is possible you might have had a short which ignited a fire. I am not an expert, but hope this might give some insight into the problem.
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    Re: 2006 E450 Superduty - Fire in engine compartment

    Hello Linda, I think the fire department should have done an investigation of cause. I am a retired Chief of Fire Prevention and certified arson investigator, so I know the origin of the fire can be found and traced. I think you should look at what Mark has written and contact Four Winds and Ford as he has done. Good luck and sorry for the lost of time you have incurred.

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