5 Tips for Cleaning Your RV and Preparing for a Year of Travel in 2014

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    The start of a new year is the perfect time to clean your RV and go through your gear to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. By doing some simple maintenance work and inspecting your travel gear, you can avoid a lot of headaches and frustrating situations during your trips in the new year. Here are my 5 tips for preparing your RV for 2014:

    1. Take out the garbage
    Though we probably empty our dedicated trash cans regularly, there can still be a lot of miscellaneous garbage lying around the camper. Empty cereal boxes, grocery bags, old brochures... you should go through and throw away these sorts of items so that the RV is spotless and ready for all of the new items you will be stocking it with.

    2. Update your maps
    And no, I don't mean Google Maps! Every RV should have a set of physical maps for the locations you will be traveling to. It is good practice to have several maps with different focuses and levels of detail. For instance, I live in Florida and sometimes travel to Virginia. I have a large map that covers all of the United States, but also a smaller more detailed map of Virginia. This way I can see all of the major highways, but I also have a very comprehensive map of the destination (where I will be spending most of my time on the trip).

    Roads and highways are constantly changing. It is a good idea to buy new, updated maps every 3 to 5 years. Some maps come in a book format (like an atlas) and there are even waterproof maps. Find the maps that work for your particular situation.

    3. Perform regular vehicle maintenance
    Just like taking care of a car, you should be inspecting and replacing certain parts of your RV regularly for optimal performance. Check your engine fluid, replace your windshield wipers, and check your tire pressure. Tires are a potential critical point of failure in any vehicle. Make sure that your RV has all of the equipment you need to change a tire in case of an emergency. Also make sure that you have a spare tire (and check to make sure it is fully inflated!).

    4. Wash it!
    Your RV may be the backdrop of several pictures on your next road trip, so it is a good idea to clean the exterior with your basic car wash tools (bucket of water, soap, rag). Use a window cleaner for the windows to avoid soap streaks. Make sure all of your vents and windows are shut completely before rinsing the exterior or you might end up with a brand new indoor swimming pool. You can also mop or vacuum the inside depending on what type of flooring you have.

    5. Get an emergency kit (or inspect the one that you already have)
    An emergency kit could turn a disaster into a very manageable situation if you keep it replenished with the right tools. Though the contents of these kits can vary widely, there are some highlights that every one should have. A flashlight is useful for a variety of situations (emergency or not). A lot of people don't realize they need one until they have to change a tire on a country road with no street lights. Stock a pack of extra batteries, or better yet get a crank flashlight that doesn't require any. Matches, first aid supplies, and a little extra food and water are all great items to have on hand. Road flares or emergency LED lights are useful if you have to pull off of the road in the middle of the night.

    Depending on the environment and conditions you will be traveling in, there are other items you might want to include in your emergency kit. Do your research on the routes you will travel ahead of time and plan accordingly.

    That's it! These 5 simple tasks will make your trips safer and more enjoyable. Though I suggested these be done to prepare for the year ahead, simple maintenance like this should really be done before and after every trip.

    What do you do to prepare your RV for a trip? Do you have any cleaning tips? Please feel free share your advice in the comments below!

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    Being from Florida...I know how to clean the love bugs off...Bounce Sheets!!...just wet them and wipe over the bugs...the softener in the sheets make the love bug bodies melt away.
    Tried other softeners in s spray bottle...didn't work.
    The first time I just sprayed garlic pam on the coach before we drove in 100 degree heat...they just slid off after they fried...but what a mess(smelled good tho) ;)
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    You explains cleaning tips a very precise manner. It's a really important for the maintenance and longevity of your RV. Don't use dish soap as an RV cleaner. It is too cruel and can harm paint and finishes. Use a cleaner specifically formulated for RVs.

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