5th wheel connection in truck bed

Discussion in 'Towables' started by lopaka, May 13, 2007.

  1. lopaka

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    I just bought a new Chevy 2500, it has a 7 pin harness in the front of the bed, as well as one on the bumper. I was thinking of putting a connector in the front corner (drivers side) of the bed for a 5th wheel trailer. An RV place said you need to put it in the rear or it will pull out during sharp turns. Where should I put it?
  2. hertig

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    Re: 5th wheel connection in truck bed

    Mine was put by the dealer on the left (driver's side) between the wheelwell and the tailgate. Worked fine. The hard part is to find a place to connect the breakaway switch cable. The first time I made a hard right turn, the breakaway cable wrapped around the hitch, pulled the pin, the brakes on the trailer locked up :)
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    Re: 5th wheel connection in truck bed

    We usually take the 5th Wheel wiring harness that you are speaking of and pull it to the rear. We also mount most of them in the back section of the body usually on the side about a foot in. I really don't think that mounting it in the front would be a big problem as long as there is enough wire for flexibility.
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    RE: 5th wheel connection in truck bed

    On my 2500 Hd the installer mounted the recepticle about a foot in front of the wheel well on drivers side, that way I hitch up, lock the hitch up and plug in for the pull test all at same time

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