5th wheel troubles

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by jkl, Jul 26, 2009.

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    Hello, I am glad to see all the great information posted. I am brand new to this and will be living in my 1991 Kit Companion 5th wheel we just purchased. I have 3 current problems:

    1) Dometic Royale Designer Series RM3804 Fridge does not get cool at all but the freezer gets to 45 degrees, what should I be looking for as a problem?

    2) Furnance Excalibur 8500-II Series doesn't seem to come on at all. I have checked the gas and ensured the valve is turned on, but even changing the thermostat and waiting doesn't seem to have any affect. Any ideas?

    3)And finally, I am not sure of the model or brand but my water heater doesn't seem to work either. If I light the pilot light manually while holding down the pilot light button it will stay lit, but if I let go the pilot light goes out. And yes the gas valve is turned on. Is there anyway to check to see if my Water heater is also electric?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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    Re: 5th wheel troubles

    1 When you open the door do you smell ammonia if so new fridge, Check the tower where the propane burns for rust, Check electric draw to see if electric element is working.

    2 Does the fan come on if yes you maybe low on 12 volt to run fan fast enough for the sail switch to open propane. If no look for 12 volt power. Check furnace for flies bug spider webs.

    3 sounds like the turmal couple is bad or out of the flame to keep pilot on.

  3. jkl

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    Re: 5th wheel troubles

    LEN, Thanks for the information. I have decided just to remove the refer and replace it with a temporary electric only fridge as I have to move to my new Coast Guard Command on friday and need it working now. I will be checking into the other two items. Thanks again, John

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