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    I retired in August and we just returned from a 9,000 mile, seven-week cross country trip that started in Tampa Bay, FL through southern California, up the coastal highway to Washington State and home via Yellowstone and other great places to visit. The biggest expense, of course, was fuel. In some areas of California is was nudging $5 a gallon. We were new to RVing when the trip began with only four short trips to our credit. Now we consider ourselves veterans of the road, but learn something new each time we go out. Some advise ... stick with KOA. They cost a few dollars more, but seem to have the best sites and are second only to Good Sam Club. There are some pretty good private parks, too, and a few that we couldn't wait to get out of the next morning. Most national parks have camping facilities, but some are without hookups. I could go on and on but don't want to bore you. The only problems experienced with my 2007 27-foot Coachmen Freelander on a Ford platform was a flat tire due to an improperly installed tire extender, a faulty XM Radio antenna and a loose wall that created a 3/4" space. Thank you all for answering my questions before, during and after that trip.

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    Sounds like a trip of a lifetime! I am sure you saw many amazing sights. I would agree that after a 9,000 mile, 7 week across the country trip, would definitely qualify you as a veteran. Like you, we learn something new each time we travel. Some things we learn NOT to repeat and some things are knowledge we will use over and over.

    We also like the KOA. Dependable TV Signal, usually cable, wifi, nice sites and the ammenities we miss at some campgrounds.

    Thanks for sharing and consider writing a blog to chronicle your journey. Do it quickly before the memories start to fade.
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    Re: 9,000 mile trip ...

    J&R That's the fun of forgeting. I go today and forget tomorrow so when I go again it's all new again to enjoy. :laugh:

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