95 gulfstream tourmaster with m11 engine

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by evoglenn, Feb 15, 2003.

  1. evoglenn

    evoglenn New Member

    I am considering the purchase of the above . I would appreciate all information , especially on the engine, that you guys can supply both good and bad. the unit has a few over 50k miles and has had no real repairs up to now. thanks in advance glenn
  2. Shadow

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    95 gulfstream tourmaster with m11 engine

    Hi Glenn, I don't know anything about m/h's, but sure
    would like to get one in the near future. I'm sure
    someone here will be able to help you. Just wanted
    to ask if you checked the 1998 tourmaster at ppl
    in Houston. Think it listed about 120.
  3. Butch

    Butch New Member

    95 gulfstream tourmaster with m11 engine

    :disapprove: Yep, It's one of these "brother-in-law" thingies. My brother in law did own one of these. The engine was practically bullet proof as are most Cummins. The Chassis had severe problems at least twice every trip he took. Got to be so much of a pain that no one wanted to travel with him. They would wind up working on the thing. He finally gave up in disgust and sold the thing. I have called Gulfstream myself in regards to this thingie and they were pretty much of no help at all. I even got the impression they did not want to help. That was a pretty spendy coach to have to put up with the kind of support he got...The Tourmaster he owned was an ELECTRONIC NIGHTMARE!!!
  4. rv wizard

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    95 gulfstream tourmaster with m11 engine

    Don't know much about the Cummins M11 but do have the 8.3 330 hp in a 2000 Gulfstream Scenic Cruiser. We have been full timing in it for nine months and have had no problems with the coach or chassis other than the refirgerator coling unit had to be replaced and I am experiencing a sticking solenoid on the right front jack. Be sure you have a reputable service Technician check the entire coach before purchasing and get all service records. It is very important the diesel pushers drive trains are maintained properly and they will run forever. Good luck.

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