95 Safari/Allison...buy....yes or no?

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by Rook, Mar 16, 2011.

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    I'm looking at a 95 Safari Pusher, 91,000 miles (Cummins), that is 500 miles away, and I'm trying to decide to buy or not, subject to personal inspection. Everything looks great (many photos).....until I just uncovered that the Allison 6-speed transmission may have NEVER had any service! He is the second owner, his brother bought new and sold to him at 35,000 miles. Worse case, may still have original Dexron and filters. Best case, has been used for 61,000 miles with no transmission service. Current owner says no problems experienced with the transmission. Any comments and advice would be appreciated. Rook
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    Re: 95 Safari/Allison...buy....yes or no?

    The Allison transmission is a very rugged unit. If the fluid appears clean without a brown or black color, it should be fine. Just change the fluid and filters ASAP. Be sure to check the RV chassis and appliances thouroughly. Also inspect for any signs of roof and window leakage including the floor for soft spots. Also inspect the double pane windows for fogging or gasket issues.

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