95 Safari/Allison...buy....yes or no?

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    This is my 2nd attempt on this post....the first one apparently went into the abyss!

    Trying to decide to buy or not.....a 95 Safari Motorhome, with cummins with 91,000 miles. It's about 500 miles from me, but I have seen many photos and several phone calls. Planning to negotiate the price, subject to personal inspection. Everything looked good......until I discovered that the Allison transmission has not been serviced! The owner bought from his brother, who purchased new. Current owner got the coach when it had 35,000 miles and he has NEVER had the fluid or filters replaced! Said he does not know what his brother did. Worse case is it could still have the original Dexron and filters! 91,000 miles and no fluid or filter changes!

    What are my real risks that there may be transmission damage? Owner says that he has had no problems with normal operation of the transmission.

    Any comments or advise would be appreciated. Thanks, Rook

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