A virgin taking a leap.

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by TracyB, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. TracyB

    TracyB Junior Member

    I basically copied and added to my profile. I'm curious what kinda "you dang fool" comments I'll receive.

    I have to move cause of emphysema plus the Black Hole of local health care scares me. Im not so bad but the high and low extremes take my breath away and inevitably I get pneumonia at least once a year.

    I do have a bad leg but it doesn't slow me much. I attended the train wreck called Woodstock 25th! An endurance test, from end to end. I saw younger than I go down!

    I've researched until finding that Northern California has a temperate mild climate 50-80 degrees year round. I plan to move there Spring '14 from MO, alone, disabled, and from what I can learn.... a fifth wheel travel trailer is what I want & need!

    Of course I'll have it parked 99.9% of the time but... I've been living in a small room of a tri-level I received in a divorce 11 yrs ago. I've been living this way the entire 11 years. Just me. After this real property burden for a total of 21 yrs... I welcome compact. I have my digital interests plus some explorer left in me!

    I've researched costs involved and the electric's an unknown but as one author wrote.... "with the costs involved one might as well look at small apartments." I agree... but who wants one?

    I keep researching online, every detail. But here's the kicker. I've never been near an RV!

    I know I should. I know I "gotta" but I have no means. I know no one, have no family. I shoulda made this move years ago but who knew!

    So I'm looking to sell the house next Spring, re-invest in a nice new-ish fifth wheel, and add 10 years to my life. I'm 52 and pretty darn healthy in all other ways. Plus my emphysema hasn't worsened in 5 years. I know it will but I'm Goin Down Slow... maybe.

    Realistically I can live in a fifth wheel until something opens up in Disabled housing but ... I may like the RV and stick somewhere with full hookups+! At least until I'm decrepid and need help.

    Anyway, my plan. Sell next Spring and wave the proceeds around a dealer so they'll know I'm not plumb nuts. I'm actually plumb nuts with a few dollars. Which Dealer is yet to be determined. Hopefully one that'll be patient and maybe even let me spend a few nights in a park. Spending around a Grand rental just to say I tried one seems a waste... but I may have to.

    Alright. Fire!
  2. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Well TracyB do it!! Life is an unknown for all of us regardless of health. Think a 5th wheel will be the way to go if you plan on being in one place most of the time. You will need a good tow truck and only you can make the decision on size of rv. I would go with at least a 30 foot with slides if it was only one involved in living in it. Long term stays an save a lot on camp fees. Dont know if your health will allow but lot of CGs need volenteers. Just be careful on buying used rvs. Even a "new-ish" rv can be a lemon if it has not had proper care. Local RVers generally will help those that need help. Look into joining a local Good Sam Club. They will help. Good luk and ask questions here. Keep us posted. Arizona ay be a state to look at. Welcome to the forum
  3. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    Other possibility in your case is a park model and have it moved if need be or a 5th wheel and have it moved when you wish. That way you won't have a tow tank to drive every day and can have a smaller more MPG rig to run around in and at 1/3 the cost of the bigger tow rig. Also Calli is a high cost area be sure to search out MAYBE better areas, but it does have lots of social services. Gotta do your home work. Another thought is look at the pricing of two park models one in a winter location and one in a summer location with a smaller car, cost maybe very close to the same as having a tow rig and big 5th wheel, like Yuma AZ and then a nearby mountain area where the temps are lower like Flagstaff or New Mexico mountains either of which would be a day drive.

  4. TracyB

    TracyB Junior Member

    Thanks for your thoughts. Once I make the move I'll stay involved/associated with all the RV services I'll need. Insurance, service, etc.

    Was pondering last night how most all homes are different but not RV's, not the basics. And with the computer age models can be pulled up online, parts identified and solutions at hand by any capable RV service... at least it seems reasonable.

    I know the best climate for me... an RV seems the best deal for me in the area.

    I've just read that only five(5) fifth wheel manufacturers produce an RV suitable for full time life. Since I know no RV'ers ... I have no one to say "that's BS." It's a broad statement and I think it should take into account who's doing the living and how!

    I did figure a 30-35 footer and after looking... maybe a lil less even. My tow truck maximum is a variable I've not yet explored. It's my next search. A short bed Chevy Silverado with a big block 350! Lord knows why my Dad needed that many hosses but it's mine now and the gas goes ... regardless of an RV! hehe

    Thanks again
  5. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    if you are pulling one that big you will need a diesel, Chevy or Dodge will do it fine. I have MOTOR HOME and I could live it in 365 days a year. warmer weather in the winter cooler areas in the summer. But we still have the house and see future in selling it. Wife and I don't RV after Nov. I winterize it till March and then we are off again.
  6. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Dont get the short bed for a 5th wheel. Long wheelbase is better IMO. To get the 350 you have to go back some years. 35ft you will need more truck. People are fulltiming in most brands but some are more suited for fulltiming. Just do your research. Might want to look at some of the old Dodge or Ford diesels but you said you would not be towing much. Guess gasser would be best. Good luck
  7. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    Sounds like she has the truck already. But is it a 350 HP big block or a 350 ci motor? There is a BIG difference and is it 1500 2500 truck that also makes a big difference in what you can tow size wise.

  8. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    Len in one of her post she stated it was a short bed Chevy BIG BLOCK with 350 . She could not understand why her daddy needed so many hosses. SO I THINKING SHE MAY NOT KNOW HOW MANY HOSSES IT HAS.
  9. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    I read that that's why I gave options. I'm thinking it is a short box 350 ci 1500 which would limit the size of the 5th wheel. More tow weight than length.

  10. TracyB

    TracyB Junior Member

    Have one moved?

    This is the kind of thing tis difficult to find online... unless you know it's there.

    I'm the owner of a short bed 2 wheel drive Silverado with a big 350. Big enough I didn't think I'd have to worry about a size just for me. It's an excellent low mileage 1994 model but how low doesn't matter much as a trade-in.

    I still wanna own my own floor though. The compactness only makes sense, the parks have every bill/service I would want, electric being separate.... and at a price I can afford by not heating/cooling a tri-level, not paying to have the lawn mown, and not paying for Homeowner's.

    I'm screwed if I need a bigger tow vehicle though. I only want to put a certain % of my savings into the rig... adding a vehicle would burst that bubble but what about having an RV moved? What? What?

  11. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Tracy you can tow a small 5th wheel with your truck. 350 was not considered a big block. The truck probably does have the 4 bolt low torque engine. I towed a 28 ft Cougar with one slide ok but it was long wheelbase. You will or be best to have a slider 5th wheel hitch in the shortbed. There are people that will tow a rv to a destination for you. A fellow rver towed a 31 ft airstream I bought home for me. I bought the 350 chev to tow it with. No problem towing the airstream but Astreams are easy towed. All just depends on how far and often you will tow it. Remember you also have to stop it.
  12. whitey

    whitey Member

    TracyB; I think you would be better off to get a Travel Trailer That you truck could towed. and keep the money you have left over for a rainy day.

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