Adding a roof vent or skylight

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Calgary Dave, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Calgary Dave

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    Has anyone added a roof vent or a skylight to their RV? I have a 27' Four Winds with the solid piece rubber roof. The bathroom and one bedroom are nice and bright because of the roof vents...but the cooking/dining area is really dark. So I want to add a skylite or vent above the table. Is it a job that can be done by a DIY'er?

    Im in construction and renovation so Im quite capable of this type of thing on a house...but have never "cut open" an RV...not even sure how the framework or roof is constructed. Service dept wants roughly 7 to 8 hundred dollars for labour, so I'm thinking of doing it myself.

    Suggestions? hints/tips?
  2. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: Adding a roof vent or skylight

    Should not be too sure you get BETWEEN the rafters and cut away....Get a skylight and use it as a size pattern...Should cost about 30.00 for the top section...Inside section probably about the same cost. If you run into wires, your gonna have to re-route them.
  3. Calgary Dave

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    Re: Adding a roof vent or skylight

    Thank you Ken! Is there a quick way to find where the rafters are? In home construction I use the trusty "stud finder". But I don't imagine that'll work on an RV. The area I want to put it in, there's no screws,rivets or anything to indicate..just the large ceiling panel with a speaker and light in the surrounding area. I was thinking of first cutting a small 2x2 hole in the panel..and then looking to one side or the other to see if I can see a joist.
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    Re: Adding a roof vent or skylight

    Stud finder should work on RV as well. It's just a mass sensor, thicker mass sets it off.


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