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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by Dkr, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Dkr

    Dkr Junior Member

    Does anyone have any advice or knowledge on expandables, I am looking at a new 17exl Salem cruise lite. I am so confused at what to buy, I am a female traveling with a sister. I'm a first time buyer, I love the space of the Salem after its expanded, but just not sure about the canvas thing ie, noise, function, safety?
    Any insight from seasoned campers would be greatly appreciated.
  2. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    Hi Dkr and welcome, I am confused here. are you asking about the slide out topper, or the awning that goes out to give you some shade.MHO both are important, shade for sitting out side or protection from rain when sitting out side. the topper provide protection to the top of the side out. I ahve seem people on a ladder sweeping the leaves off and other device. But that just MO. So hold on others will jump in and give you theirs. happy camping
  3. vanole

    vanole Senior Member


    I'm thinking it may be a Hybrid trailer. Hopefully GVT aka Ken chimes in and helps.

  4. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    Well Jeff I never said I was a expert :(. But I say some one will come on and give her their OP. SO HAVE HAVE YOU BEEN
  5. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    It is a Hybrid and I don't think much of them but that's and opinion and that is what was asked. The canvas is not good for quiet noise in and out or for insulation in both hot and cold weather, plus it rattles in the wind, would not like being in the rain with it. Been there in a good tent trailer and it was not fun. Also do a search on the brand you are looking at they don't seem to do well on customer satisfaction. Think I would go for a hard sided no matter witch brand you go for. Look Look and Look somemore before purchase. Look for storage and and privacy space for each of you.

  6. Dkr

    Dkr Junior Member

    Thank you for your response, yes it is a hybrid, I only plan on using it 2x's a year. Spring, fall. This will be my starter camper, if weather were to become an issue I could collapse beds in, however I am an extremely light sleeper, my concern is noise level at night. I love the size to weight ratio, I just hate to waste money on something I'm not sure of. I do not want anything over 22'.
  7. C Nash

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    I agree with Len although I have never owned a hybrid trailer. I have owned popup and it was really noisy with wind blowing. Having said that we loved it at the time. Think age (myage)has something to do with it. Was younger then. maybe someone that has one will jump in with their opinion. If you like it go for it. Any camper is better than having none. JMO
  8. swindy4x4

    swindy4x4 Member

    i have a hybrid trailer .. love it too! a jayco x17z ..easy to tow..lots of room for such a small trailer ...been a great trailer. no complaints! if its noise that may bother you while sleeping in the "tent part" dont go there.. but ive been in mine in a major downpour without a drop leaking in .. so .. noise? .. not so good .. rain? not to worry! .. however .. ive slept quite soundly with the tent ends folded up and closed .. sleep for hours! .. like a dog! haha.. minimal noise and warm/cool. its a toss up.. a queen sized bed and a little noise? or a small couch and quiet. i perfer the tent bed. no "underneath" poles to mess with. drop it down .. open up from inside .. good to go!
  9. Grandview Trailer Sa

    Grandview Trailer Sa Senior Member

    My experiance with a Hybrid is that people like them for the room you have after they are open, but the canvas/bedroom area is hard to heat and cool.....NO INSULATION. And yes, because of the same...noise from the neighbors. It is also not IF they leak, it is WHEN they leak.....Also, that Salem is made by Forest River....Do research on the company...real research..not what is in their brochure...

    If your going to use it 2 times a year...I would not buy a new trailer...spend less money for a used one, and it will last for years.

    With that said, I am trading in a Hybrid today that we sold last year. It won't take long to sell, made by FR also..

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