allison 2500 electronic shifter

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    i have a 2006 rv with a 300 cummins and a 2500 allison 5 speed auto.
    47000 miles. was driving great. got up on monday morning going on winter break, had driven 300 miles the day before. stared the rv and let warm up for 20 minutes. took off the air brakes and went to shift into drive and an error showed on the shifter pad"service" and would not go into gear. had it towed to the allison dealer. originally they thought it was the shifter pad, did some more testing and found the electronic shifter on the side of the transmission was burnt out. replaced it but still would not shift into gear. replaced the shifter pad still no go. does this sound like a common problem ? where to go next? still sitting into my 4th days.
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    RE: allison 2500 electronic shifter

    What diagnostic codes are present?

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