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    I have a 98 monaco dynasty. Pac brake would not work, was instructed to disconnect allison king tps filter. Pac brake now works but cruise and speedo are intermittant. Cruise was not working before. Tranny shifts very harsh until temp is at about 200 and then smooth as silk. Full of fluid and keypad is giving some sensor code but otherwise is fine.

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    RE: allison king cruise filter

    What is the Allison King TPS filter? Allison doesn't provide a part by that name. Can you describe it?
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    Re: allison king cruise filter

    I found a troubleshooting chart on the internet from king cruse controls that talks about unplugging the TPS filter, and then plugging the actuator harness directly into the transmission circuit. If that fixes a problem, then the vehicle does not need the filter. Maybe this is what you've got. I found that info here: on page 2.

    Their home page: Looks like it has all kinds of diagnostics on throttle and cruise that may help.
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    Re: allison king cruise filter

    hey stupid, this is a RV FORUM not a golfing forum, so get the hell off of here :laugh:

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