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    I recently had a failure on my MD3060R. I was traveling down the road and the tranny just went blank. I called the motor coach manufacturer and they walked me through the diagnostic steps. I showed a code on d1 it was 2511. They contacted a authorize dealer and found out that this was a output speed sensor. I looked while sitting on the side of the road and found all cables intact. My insurance company towed my coach to this dealer in Shreveport, La. It was late when we got there, but to my suprise they were open at 7 am. I drove it in the bay. By the way, it would go into drive but once you started to accelerate you would hear beeps from the Allison panel and it would go blank and stay in 1st gear. You would have to turn the engine off and then restart to get it out of gear. They jumped on it and I was back on the road by 8:30 am that same day. The bill was very resonable and the techs were very friendly. If you are going through Shreveport and have a Allison tranny problem be sure to look these guys up.

    The are:
    United Engines
    7255 Greenwood Road
    Shreveport, La
    Exit 8 on I-20

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