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    hi all. new to the site but not rving 15 years live a challage to you, i want to avoid the damage of water intrusion into my md3060 tranny by using a seperate stand alone oil cooler with 2500cfm fans and a bypass set at 180, an interesting web site ( on page 21 and page 34 refer to oil coolers that they indicate and have told me that are for remote stand alone coolers but are hesitant to say that this is all you need or that this will work. i have talked to the area rep for allison in atlanta with no satifaction, even the allison site indicated remote coolers avalible for the md 3060 but wont tell me which one. so what do u think,what do u the end of the day all i want is to keep the glycol out of the tranny. james healey 98 dynasty 6cta8.3 325 md3060 ,coach weight 29000 lbs pulling a 24 foot trailer at 7000 lbs, dual boost guages,egt, trans temp guage, side radiator model.

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