Almost free phone in the RV??????

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by LEN, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. LEN

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    Was watching garbage TV today and saw this---Called a "magic jack" If you have Highspeed internet in the RV you plug this little devise into a USB port and make calls in and out with a phone number provided with the service. Local and long distance in US and Canada. Cost for the unit and number $39.95 and that includes the first year subscription, next year $19.95. I have Cells for this but it might be good to pickup for the Canada calls which my cells don't cover and I could cover the cost by lowering the minutes of cell service.

  2. TexasClodhopper

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    Re: Almost free phone in the RV??????

    Len, look at Skype for their phone service. My son uses it to supplement his regular phone service. In addition you get a video phone service with other Skype members which is free.
  3. rddog8691

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    Re: Almost free phone in the RV??????

    Our local news did a test on the Magic Jack and from what i could tell it worked great but they did have a problem with the 911 service other than that it got a thumbs up. :)
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    RE: Almost free phone in the RV??????

    another forum that i'm active on, has been trying, the magic jack for about a year now and
    with a few exceptions, they'd all reported pretty positive on it - initially there were some software issues when they first came out,
    but those seemed to have been worked out

    interesting, there was a thread re-reviewing users' opinions on the magic jack about 2 weeks ago
  5. RvRover

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    RE: Almost free phone in the RV??????

    The magic jack is a pretty good phone service for your RV or home if you have access to high speed internet. However a cell phone might be more advisable due to they still work when your off the grid so to speak.
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    RE: Almost free phone in the RV??????

    I'm excited because I got a new cell phone today! I had had my old phone for almost three years so it was pretty outdated, lol.

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