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Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by dvfreelancer, May 23, 2010.

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    Hard to believe I just started posting here in February and today we're a couple weeks away from being ready to go full time. My RV salesman reminded me of that last week. He thought we were just day dreaming when we came in.

    We did a two week shake down cruise in south Florida at a lovely campground in Lake Worth called John Prince Park. We discovered a few things about living on the road.

    - You don't miss the space as much because you're outside more.

    - A fan covers a lot of nighttime park noise.

    - You can learn a lot from other full time campers.

    - Get the biggest truck you can afford. Don't skimp and don't crowd your weight restrictions. We put 11,000 behind an F-350 Super Duty and you can tell its back there. I wouldn't have been comfortable with a smaller truck.

    - Extended range transfer tanks are expensive but worth every penny. We got a DOT approved 50 gallon system with a monitor and had it professionally installed. Since we'll be full timing in Florida, we didn't want to be one of the vehicles you see in the helicopter shots of the gas station lines after a hurricane. We can go 800 miles between fill ups.

    - The traveling part isn't that much fun but it's pretty nice once we get where we're going. Packing up a fiver every day is more work than a Class A or our old Class C.

    We're going to start out volunteering for state park system down there. Summer on the west coast and we're already booking parks for the season on the east coast. I put in as a single and got a dozen calls, one place offered me a spot on their alligator removal team. A gator wrestler at my age...passed on that one.

    Probably going to use the Good Sam mail service and I'm still working on TV and internet. We did okay with a sporadic internet connection, so I'm not worried about it.

    Oh, and I am moving ahead with the documentary on full time RV living. So if any of you full timers are going to be in Florida in the near future, drop me a line at chris (at) If you get picked for an interview you'll need to have picture ID and all identifiable persons have to sign an appearance release (or parents sign for minors). I'm particularly interested in any unique situations. I ran into a couple full timing in a tent in Alabama. Now that's dedication. I'll interview them on the way down if they're still there.
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    Re: Almost ready to go

    Welcome to the road! We sold our house and drove off in the RV just over ten years ago. We had a little bit of experience in volunteer positions for an RV sit too, as I think that the one we are presently one day from completing will be #29 for us, but am not sure. We love our life and we hope to keep at it for at least five more years.

    Who is going to be showing the documentary that you are taping?
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    Re: Almost ready to go

    Spent 15 years "on the road" and loved it. Just finally got burned out. A lot had to do with getting older and not being up to moving the RV as much as I wanted to. We liked to keep moving on down the road. Keeping the 5er looking good got harder and harder.

    Good Sam mail service out of Florida (HOME BASE) worked great. Verizon broadband worked almost everywhere. Used the campground cable, but wasn't the best.

    bottom Line: I wouldn't trade any of my experiences for anything. If y'all have a chance to full time, jump at it. Wish you luck dvfreelancer
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    Re: Almost ready to go

    thanks DL for the encouragement
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    RE: Almost ready to go

    Chris, my wife and travelled from Texas and stayed at the same park in Lake Worth....very nice. We met up with my sister who came down from New York. She turned me on to using the fan to block the noise that weekend and we've used it ever since.....funny coincidence.
  6. DL Rupper

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    Re: Almost ready to go

    Speaking of fans: We used 2 HEPA filters/fans everytime we stopped and when warm we used a vent fantastic fan. No wonder we didn't hear a lot of outside noise. :laugh: :laugh: :bleh: ;)
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    Re: Almost ready to go

    Thanks, guys. Appreciate the encouragement.

    Kirk, I don't have a distributor for the documentary yet but that's not unusual. Once it starts taking shape I'll make a sales presentation, called a "pitch", and shop it around. With the fiver we can also make the rounds at film festivals. I'm shooting in 1080 24p HD, so I can get it graded to spec if any of the big boys want to pick it up. Though I may look hard at self-publishing. The break even sales numbers are not that hard to reach in these days of online ordering.

    The angle I'm taking on the doc is that you don't own a house as much as a house owns you. You spend a lot of time serving the house and dancing on the string of a whole raft of outside interests. The mortgage company, the utility companies, insurance company, the county for property taxes, homeowners associations (aka spawn of Satan), it's a long list. And you're fixed in time and space. If a tornado or flood comes by, then you get to play the "what we feel like paying" game with the insurance company. I like the idea of being able to move out of the way of adverse events. Like we used to tease the boomer sailors with taunts of Chicken of the Sea. I'm okay with running away.

    We have our camper insured for replacement value, plus the contents, and it's closer to half what we were paying for homeowners insurance. And we have full coverage on the truck, plus roadside assistance. Told our agent if someone made fun of our truck I wanted insurance that would pay for therapy. We're covered.

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