Am just about done converting to flat screen TV's

Discussion in 'RV Tips & Tricks' started by LEN, May 16, 2012.

  1. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    Mine were the old square tube sets, so out they go after some lobbying with the wife( It's all for her you know).
    Anyway other than weight the TV's were EZ to take out, make sure you have a second person on the bigger one, four screws and out they came.
    Measured the square hole and had a nice finished(not needed) piece of 3/4 inch plywood big enough for both.
    Cut them to within 3/8" of the hole size in both directions. Got some carpet runner from Home Depot, thin blackish(has mostly black and some white fibers) and glued it to the cut board with two and a half inchs extra on all side but top cut flush. Then turned the rest of the runner around the edge and onto what will be the back and tacked the back edge down.
    Now used piano hinge for the top edge. Then screwed the hinge to the top of the box TV was removed from, now have door that swings up.
    Drill holes for power and cable to new TV, mount new TV.
    Now I have two new TV's( well got the small one now have to purchase front larger one) and lots of storage space for video's and Cd's or what ever in the old box's.
    Think I lost about 30-40# and have the latest and greatest at minimum cost. I picked up good used flat screen TV's at pawn shop.
    Will get Pic's in Album in a couple.

  2. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    sounds great Len, I have the same set up with the box tv. But I am going to get the storage cabinets and doors cut down so the new 42'' will just side in. I have the TV now so all I need to do is get the cabinets cut and doors refinished and that will be it. I bought a Flat sceen with a built in dvd player so it will make it easier to watch movies. I will remove like you a lot of extra weight up front. BTW please post some pictures when you can, would love to see what you did.
  3. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    They are in the albums

  4. cekkk

    cekkk Junior Member

    When we purchased our last rig in '11 I did not see a single television cabinet that was designed for the now mandatory 16x9 aspect ratio set. Our bedroom tv cabinet is designed for the old 4x3 models so the largest new set we could get that fits in it is only a 19'. And if we're watching a SD channel, I'm reminded of the early tv sets in the 12" range. Frustrating. It's hard to see the picture from ten or 11 feet away in the bed. I may end up in a pawn shop or yard sale looking for an old used tv.
  5. Wolfpack Fan

    Wolfpack Fan Junior Member

    Hat's off to you Len! Wanting to eventually do the same thing. Not a lot of lobbying required with the wife, she's all for it. I started it sort of. I picked up a 32", cheapest they had at Bestbuy to put in the basement. We're getting by with the flat tubes in the motor home for now, but tailgating and camping with the 32" in the basement is pretty cool. I've got a program that easilly downloads uTube video's to the computer or external drive. I've collected about 300 really good music video's so far. A handful of fail video's too and college football highlights and NFL hardest hits, because they're just to fun to watch. Laptop under TV in basement, Kicker iK501 fead by audio out on computer and we're jammin! We tone it down for camping, to be good neighbors, but tailgating......................We get season tickets and park in the same spot and tailgate with the same folks every week during UNR football season. Loud and roudy is quite the norm in our area and we deliver it plentiful.
  6. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Just finished installing a 26 inch in our MH. Now to see if it falls down going down the road!!! LOL
  7. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Well afer 400 miles it's still alive and staying where it is supposed to. Have to admit that some of our roads in the lower 48 are worse than what I found going to Alaska.
  8. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Dont know what you mean about a bit off Steven but at least I am not a spammer. Thought we were talking about installing flat screen tv in place of the old box ones. I did and it is still hanging there after 400 miles of our rough interstate roads. To explain it to you roads to Alaska or rough in places and we have been there so was just compairing how rough some of the roads here are and the replaced flatscreen is still there. Sorry you dont understand but what else should I expect from a spammer.

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