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    We are renting an AS32 motorhome & booking campsites. All the sites are asking what ampage we need ie 30 amp, 50 amp for hookup but nowhere in the paperwork or the website or the manual on the website does it state what we require. Can anyone explain what determines the ampage we need when hooking up so we can get on and book the right campsites? tried contacting El Monte but no response.

    any help appreciated. Also any advice re first time round California in RV.

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    RE: Ampage

    Hello CookRV,

    A 30amp connection is what you will need.

    Have a wonderful vacation!

    El Monte RV
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    Re: Ampage

    If your power cord has three prongs (two flat and one round) you need a 30 amp hookup. If it has four prongs (three flat and one round) you need a 50 amp hookup. You can buy adapters to go from 30 to 50 or from 50 to 30 BUT - if you need 50 amps but the campground only has 30 amp service, you may not be able to run all your appliances at the same time. :) :)

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