atwood hot water mixing valve

Discussion in 'Towables' started by biker, Nov 7, 2010.

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    had trouble today winterizing sunnybrook titan 30surv toyhauler, when pumping antifreeze into system the hot water tank kepted filling up, closed the mixing valve and shutoff valve at bottom of tank, still the tank filled up, could the mixing valve be not closeing all the way? bypassed the hose from mixing valve and winterized just fine, any suggestions? thanks
  2. biker

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    RE: atwood hot water mixing valve

    the sunnybrook os a 39 ft toyhauler
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    Re: atwood hot water mixing valve

    I have not heard of a SunnyBrook using a mixing valve. SunnyBrook usually uses 3 valves on the back of the heater. You have the top and bottom open and the by-pass valve closed during the Summer. To winterize you close the top and bottom and open the by-pass.

    I do know there is a system with a mixing valve, but just not seen SunnyBrook use it.

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