Bad Sale and Bad RV service

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by behnkekeep, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. behnkekeep

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    New 2013 Jayco Melbourne 29D purchased Oct. 5, 2012 from Johnson RV Sandy Oregon. Johnson RV installed new lift jacks as part of new sale. Installed wrong Jacks and welded without disconnecting electrical. They tried to fix 4 times and failed. The new RV as never worked for 10 months. Johnson RV Sandy Oregon will not refund our money or give us a new RV that is undamaged. We have had no use and the RV is un-drive-able. 10 months and no use. Do not purchase a RV or have service done at Johnson RV in Sandy Oregon or their Colorado sites. They will lie and cheat you. Thanks For Reading This. We are new to RV-ing .Not a positive start for us.
  2. vanole

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    Not good especially on a new unit. Might want to add your comments here Previous poster gave the place a good rating. However I'd remove the emotion and state nothing but the facts. (take the hgh road)
  3. LEN

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    Does Or have a lemon law on RV's? Get a Lawyer, you were not delivered what you paid for, and got for costs. Just a letter from a member of the court sometimes makes a big difference. Then if you must sue go for none use damage as well, you were damaged. Keep us informed.

  4. H2H1

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    Well I have to agree with Len, I am not a big fan of suing anyone, but in this case I see it as your only option. Good luck and post back what you do, and keep us posted.
  5. C Nash

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    What is damaged on the RV? Guess its electrial. 10 months and they have not repaired? Would like to know more about what the damage is? I do know that not preparing properly when welding can damage electrical appliances. Post back. Never like to hear just one side
  6. rjf7g

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    Have you contacted Jayco directly?

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