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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by wildcatervin, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. wildcatervin

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    This is a long post so here goes.I have a 2010 Damon 3772 and tow a 2010 Ford Taurus.All the electrical hookups were done by the rv shop in PA.My problem is when I stop overnight at a Rv site I usually did not disconect from the RV,but when I went to start the car the battery was dead.Then I started to disconect all of the electrical hookups,(buddy brake,all cables going to the car.)nothing was hooked as far as the electric was concerned.Tried to start the car in the morning,dead battery.When I hook the electric cables to the vehicle and the Rv running it charges the toe vehicle.So to me the only other thing is that the toe bar and safty cables are draining the car batteries?How this could happen I do not know,but the car has been to the ford garage and ,new control box,new alternator,I guess trial and error type stuff.Any way everything checks out.Next time out will unhook everything and see if this helps.The vehicle can sit in my garage for a few days and fires right up,My fingers is tired so any of you experts have a suggestion,Im all eyes.Thanks
  2. H2H1

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    I will try, first do you have to put the key in any position,ie ACC or on first, or just how is the hook up done? I know on my saturm I have to put the key in acc and the transmission in nuetral, no problem. It does seem like you are having a draining problem. I would 1st disconnect the power from the RV to the tow, I can't see how the safety chanins and the tow bar could drain it, it all electrical,
  3. C Nash

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    Safety chain and tow bar should have nothing to do with the dead battery like Hollis said. Have you had the battery tested? leaving it hooked up all night will kill a battery. The charge going from your MH will not fully charg the toad back to full charg IMO. When you disconnected and it still would not crank the car was probably because it was not fully charged.
  4. wildcatervin

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    H2H1,this is the new style that doesnt use a key,I leave it in nuetral ,the reason for this is if it doesnt start you cannot shift it,also once you shut the motor off just push the start key and it goes into the toe mode.Always start the car before unhooking anything and let it run for a while.The power cable is disconected. C Nash Battery is checked at regular times at the garage when serviced(I hope)at least the paper says it is good.Still think when the first completed the electrical work something may have been done improper.Like I said next time out will disconect everything.Buddy seems to think leaving it in nuetral might kill it.Thanks all
  5. elkhartjim

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    Most likely the Brake Buddy is draining the battery. Unplug the BB when you stop overnight and see if that eliminates your problem. Unless your wiring is different, your motorhome will not charge your toads battery. The mh's charging system is not wired into the vehicles electric system except for of course the tail/brake lights.

    A friend that uses a Brake Buddy says it drains the battery in about 4 hours. I hope this helps.
  6. LEN

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    Check the car battery after a days tow. If it will start then the RV is charging while in tow. If not look for the fuse that gives power from the RV to the towed. Have you checked the towed battery for condition, some batteries will take a surface charge then go dead overnight. If all else fails put a battery disconnect switch on the battery itself then nothing can run the battery down.

  7. wildcatervin

    wildcatervin Member

    Yes the BB will run the battery down very fast,so I have the RV to charge the battery while I am driving.Disconnect switch may be the answer,LenThe btry has been load tested several times and it checks out.
  8. LEZM3

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    Damon Astoria 3470 vs Ford Flex

    We have 2010 Astoria 3470 and our toad is a 2009 ford flex limited. we have charging problems with our toad; but different than described in your article. Did you ascertain what was causing your problem? We are going to look at a separate toad charging system.
  9. wildcatervin

    wildcatervin Member

    I have a brake buddy that uses a air compressor which uses a lot of bttry.You will have a 12Volt coming out of the RV socket and I ran this directly to the Car bttry.Only works when the RV is running.So far this has taken care of the dead bttry bit.Dont know what a seperate toad charging system is.

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