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Discussion in 'Destinations' started by elkhartjim, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. elkhartjim

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    We've now been in Yellowstone for 5 days and yesterday was the best yet. We did the Beartooth Hwy that starts at the east entrance to Yellowstone. My, my. The spring flowers in the alpine meadows, the snow covered peaks, the mountain goats, the glacier lakes, the......

    Suffice to say if you've not experienced this "greatest drive in America hwy" as per Charles Kuralt, make sure you do it before you die.
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    Re: Beartooth Hwy

    Now Jim I'm really hurting now :( Sure wish we were following you :laugh: Great drive and hope we get to make it AGAIN so day :approve: I'm by that kind of drive like Rod is about beaches. Guess I'll just have to get the pictures out and try to remember for the time being.
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    Re: Beartooth Hwy

    If you want an out door hot tub adventure about a mile inside the north entrance just as the the road starts uphill and across the first bridge is a parking area on the left going into the park. Then a short walk up river there is a hot spring area with seveal pools made of river rock with temperature higher as you go up stream. Make sure you get up early,like OH dark thirty and take a drive before breakfast, you will see animals like never before although they are out all day. Also if you can visit old faithful lodge in the evening and see the lighting and how many levels of up there are inside.

  4. elkhartjim

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    Re: Beartooth Hwy

    Did the springs.....great for tired bones. We've been in the park at day light three different mornings. Each time we've seen grizzles, one as close as 30 yards from the car. We've seen the wolf bring food to her pups outside their den. Several black bears but the most fun was the mamma with two cubs as the two played and tormented her. The spring flowers are unbelievable and the crowds are non existent. We sometime drive several miles w/o seeing another car. Haven't seen a cg, motel or hotel with a no vacancy or full sign accept for Fishing Bridge campground.

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