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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Guest, Jan 30, 2012.

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    well i have been busy doing 2 remodels ,, one was in a rv/horse trailer ,, gutted all the living quarters ,, moved the dinning area to the back ,, and also moved the bathroom ,, was a bit of a pain ,, but i was really pleased with the turn out ,, the other was my own MH ,, i redid some cabinets ,, and installed a tankless water heater ,, and also built some new doors for other cabinets inside ,, i am now gonna go after the LED lighting upgrade ,, which i have yet to get done to due to weather ,, but i have all the stuff already ,, just a matter of getting to it ,, i may not get it done before our beach trip ,, but i will get it done ater that for sure ,, but one thing i can say is this yr i am way ahead for our trip ,, all i got to do is rotate and road force balance the tires ,, and i am done ,, well kinda still gotta wax it ,, come mid april :)
    i also have a 1971 shasta 20 fter to reskin before then ,, it has the aluminum skin on it and i went and looked at it ,, not good ,, but the owners want it redone ,, well i hope they can come up with some aluminum ,, they said they could ,, which will make my job easier ,, i just hope i don't run into water damage ,, but i know i will ,, and the insulation will be all redone also ,, what i won't do for a few bucks :stupid::excitement:
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    How big of a pain was it to install the tank-less water heater and what brand and size did you purchases?
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    well steve ,, it was not a pain ,, most was redoing the lp gas lines ,, it fit right into the original space for my WH ,, only had to cut maybe a 1/4 inch or so to make the outside door fit right ,, and it is made by Precsion Temp ,, have not tried it out yet ,, i am still winterized ,, but i will before i head out ,, for sure ,, they say " it will provide more hot water ,then a normal wh " that i will wait and see :) btw we do alot of dishes when we camp ,, showers we do in the bath houses :)
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    As far as the LED upgrade, look on Ebay. There are so many options now if one were doing cabinets and lighting. Rope type you can cut every couple of inches length for fit and those pre-cut for the fluorescent, just bypass the balist. And then all the plugin type 1141 1157 and the little ones. There are also pre-cut lengths in colors for like under the steps. I have done most of the high use lights in our coach. The 12 volt savings is great.

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    well Len ,, i have installed flouresent lighting inside my MH already ,, what i am doing is the running lights and such ,, also updating the headlights to a HID system ,, i have all the stuff already ,, just need good weather to do them ,, btw if any of u all install LED exterior lighting ,, u need to change the turn signal and hazard flasher ,, the old one will make the LEDS flash really fast or not at all ( it's in the install manual ) :excitement::distracted:
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    Well Rod I have been real busy today putting out the awning, chairs, cooking kitchen, hooking up electral and water. Gulf is calm. Rough life but sombody has to do it.
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    yes you have, but you don't have to rub it in. But we are glad that you are out and enjoying life as you see it. Keep it up.
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    Well Hollis there is a empty site right here beside us you could be in. !0 dollars a night for elec and water.

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