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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by 411jeff, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. 411jeff

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    Just found out I need new stairs, but the local shop quoted me $1000 for a 2 step electric model.
    Is there one manufacturer that is better to buy? Or one to stay away from?
    Also, if I go with a manual instead of electric steps to save money, will I regret it? I'm new to RVing, but it seems like once you get to your location you would want to keep your steps down anyway.

    Thanks for all the help.
  2. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    Why can't they be repaired? Then a quick search om line and they are $440 and I think most could install them self. Quikee step

  3. vanole

    vanole Senior Member

    You have two good choices in my opinion. Len mentioned one and the other is Stromberg Carlson. Both are great I have Qwikee on my Motorhome and have had no problems. I think the Stromberg Carlson are heavier duty.

    I personally think you will regret getting the manual step in the long run. Sure is nice when traveling and you say stop for fuel and open the entry door and the steps go out to ease your exit. If not powered you have the "leap of faith" or "sit and slide" option.

    Once parked the electric version will stay out if you hit the switch by the entry door.

    That brings up another thing if you forget to stow your manual step when you leave you most likely will damage it. With the electric step when you start the engine it auto retracts.

    "The Other" Jeff

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