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  1. dennis1949

    dennis1949 Senior Member

    I just recieved an e-mail from someone on this forum that was a scam. Wants my bank account # so she can deposit money into it, then she will have access to it. It is from
    So be aware.
  2. Grandview Trailer Sa

    Grandview Trailer Sa Senior Member


    I got the same thing from the same person. DON'T BELIEVE IT.
  3. Tammi

    Tammi New Member


    I just got one too. Here's the body:
    Dear lovely one,
    please write me from my personal email at
    ( )
    Permit me to inform you about my desire to seek for assistant from you and i got
    the believe that you are going to help me out successfully. but firstly about
    I am a 22 years old lady now, i was born on the 1of january the family
    of Damian.and my father name is Joseph Damian he is a very wealthy gold and
    cocoa merchant who based in ACCRA and ABIDJAN respectively, and I am there
    only child.well when i was a kid i went to a private schools and things were
    going on well for me and my parents till when i was in high school when my
    mother died on the 21ST october 1994 , My father took me so special because i
    am motherless. and he shower all his love on me and promised me that he will
    never have another woman because he did not want me for any problem.but has fate
    his my father got dead last year.but before the death of my father on the 12th
    December 2004 in a private hospital here in Abidjan , he called me secretly to
    his bed side and told me that he kept a sumof $10.500 000 (ten million five
    hundred thousand united states dollars) in a bank in Abidjan Cote D'ivoire.
    meanwhile that he used my name as the next of kin in deposit of the fund.He also
    explained to me that it was because of this money he was poisoned by his
    business partner and that i should seek for foreign partner in a country of my
    choice where i would transfer this money and use it for investment purpose, such
    as ;real estate investment or stock market investment.
    Plesae, i am honourably soliciting your kind assistance as follows.

    1) To provide a bank account where this money will be transfered into.

    2) To serve as the guardian of these fund ,since i am 22years old.

    3)To make arrangement for me in your country to continue my educational career
    and to procure me a residential permit in your country.

    I am inclined to offer you 15% of the total sum as a mode of compensation for
    your effort after the successful transfering of these fund to your nominated
    account overseas.Please i will be very happy if this transaction will be
    concluded with in seven (7) working days from now.I am expecting to hear from
    you as soon as possible.
    please write me from my personal email at ( )
    May Almighty God bless you as you do care for me Amen.

    Best regard

    Favour Damian
  4. turnipbwc

    turnipbwc New Member


    I just got the same e-mail this morning. I blocked both e-mail addresses on the letter. Hope that takes care of it. I got that same e-mail a couple months ago to. Some people are just plain stupid.. :8ball:
  5. morsecodeham

    morsecodeham New Member


    Gee I just finished reading Ms. Damian's heartfelt letter, it brought tears to my eyes. The check is in the mail. :laugh:

    ARCHER Senior Member


    Send it to the FBI
  7. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member


    It was in my email 20 times. If I don't remember the name from the forum I look it up on the member list. She was not listed so I didn't open it. Some people need to get a life. Also beware of someone trying to sell you a flat screen tv. They have stole 300 cook stove fronts and put them in flat tv screen boxes. They will open the box and it really looks like a tv. it was on the news here and a lady had paid 300 bucks for it. Bet she is still trying to get a picture on it. :angry: :eek: . Comes complete with a wire and remote :dead:
  8. Gary B

    Gary B Senior Member


    Hi, I got the very same e-mail today also :dead: :angry: :eek: . I marked it as spam, shes really working the membership here, lets hope no one here falls for the scam :( :disapprove: .
    :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:
  9. s.harrington

    s.harrington Senior Member


    Most of these type are from over seas and will be investigated by the Secret Service so send it to . I got this address from my state's Attorney General who is now our alleged governor.
  10. Al Wells

    Al Wells New Member


    I also got hit with it... Just be sure to delete it and not respond!

  11. TexasClodhopper

    TexasClodhopper Senior Member


    My suggestion is this:
    1. Click the word "Profile" in the upper right heading of the page.
    2. Put in your password when prompted.
    3. Look at the next item under your email address. Change it to say "No" for the question: "Allow Forum Members to Send you E-Mail?:"

    The moderators here have quickly responded every time I have asked them to put away an obvious offender like this one, but unfortunately these acts are only detectable after they've happened. The moderator's quick action was why some of you couldn't find the offender on the member list; they were quickly removed.

    Hey! This is a great forum!
  12. OldSoldiers

    OldSoldiers Junior Member


    These are very common SCAMS. Just beware.
  13. AnotherRookie

    AnotherRookie New Member


    There is also someone out there phishing who claims to be from Chase Bank. This is an otherwise very ligitimate looking email. One email claims that if you respond to an email you will get $20 deposited into your account. Another says that there have been unauthorized charges against your Chase account, and your account has been frozen, would you please provide your account information so they can restore your account. I checked with Chase customer service, and they indicated that they will never ask for this sort of thing by email. I have not yet gotten it from this forum, but have from several other forums. Chase is very aware of this scam and is doing everything they can to get it shut down, in the mean time, just preview your email, and delete anything that looks like this.
  14. minerz

    minerz Member

    Re: Beware

    It is called a 4-1-9 scam. They have been out there for years. Not only will they take your money one way or another after it is all over you will find that it is illegal and you could go to jail. Gentleman I read about lost enough to by the best DP out there. Then when his money didn't show up he went to the law. They informed him he had broken the law and they put him in jail. Of course he didn't have any more money nor a business so maybe jail afforded him a meal and a bed. I have seen a lot of internet scams. Amazing isn't it. No phone calls, no letters, no door to door, just ask for the information and there are people that will give you all the information required to be ripped off. Scams and identity theft are real bad all the time, but really starts to excalate around holidays. Good luck to all.

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