Big Sam Club Emergency Road Service

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by nanoosh, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. nanoosh

    nanoosh New Member

    Has anyone had experience with Good Sam's emergency road assistance insurance? I thinking of signing up for a year since we're traveling out to Montana and Wyoming from New York this summer.

    DARLING New Member

    Re: Big Sam Club Emergency Road Service

    Don't now anything about Good Sam. WE have CoachNet in AZ for our towing, tires & such.
    Is this what you are asking :question:
    Darlin in Fla :cool:
  3. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    Re: Big Sam Club Emergency Road Service

    hello Nancy, I have the GSERA, BUT have not had to use it, we are heading out West this May and we hope we don't have to use it. I have read good and bad reviews. I am sure there will be replys on this subject. enjoy your camping :laugh:
  4. Steve H

    Steve H Senior Member

    RE: Big Sam Club Emergency Road Service

    We had GS ERS but cancelled and will purchase (a little more expensive but a little more reputable from what I understand)

    Last summer we had our first "Blow out" which happened to occur on I405 near Renton, WA at rush hour. I wasn't worried...we had GS ERS. Long story shortened...we were put on hold by GS for over 40 minutes. In fact, we never had the opportunity to talk with a dispatcher because a state trooper stopped and told us this was one of the most dangerous areas in the state and even though it was off the freeway we needed to move the RV ASAP. He called a tow which was there in 10 minutes, tire changed, I paid the $167 bill, and we were on our way home.GS would not even consider reimbursing this charge. It is not that I can't understand a business (GS) being busy on occassionbut I do think 40+ minutes on hold is excessive. I need an ERS I can count on and it apparently isn't GS.

    On a side note: this state trooper mentioned that in his experience it was very common for travelers to have a difficult time trying to make contact with GS ERS. Some have had very good luck withGS ERSbut my personal recommendation would be

    Best of luck!
  5. rjf7g

    rjf7g Senior Member

    Re: Big Sam Club Emergency Road Service

    I just switched from CoachNet to GS ERS. I haven't had any bad experiences with CoachNet, but the cost is a lot higher for me to have my two campers (one that moves and one that doesn't) covered. GS ERS makes more sense. I will keep my fingers crossed that I don't need the service and if I do that it comes through for me.
  6. dennis1949

    dennis1949 Senior Member

    Re: Big Sam Club Emergency Road Service

    I have good sam's. It is good on trailer, truck and wife's car. Use them twice with great results. Just renewed my menbership.
  7. DL Rupper

    DL Rupper Senior Member

    Re: Big Sam Club Emergency Road Service

    I have GS ERS. Used them only once to get into locked truck. Somehow my keys stayed behind in the ignition when the laundry boy locked the truck and went into the laundromat. The ERS locksmith showed up and got the truck unlocked. Wouldn't leave home without some type of ERS. I have read many good testimonials on GS ERS, however, they were all in the Good Sam Highways magazine, Letters to the Editor. ;)
  8. PattieAM

    PattieAM New Member

    Re: Big Sam Club Emergency Road Service

    I've had Good Sam ERS for several years - (thankfully haven't had to use them). They cover all vehicles in the household, as well as the RV, which is better than AAA which one needs to upgrade to AAAPlusRV. At the time I was comparing services/costs, the AAAPlusRV was more expensive and I'd received feedback on several forums that while AAA claims to cover all over - they didn't really.

    I'd also gotten the Good Sam Emergency Medical Assistance (EMA), but I'd just gotten the card, didn't put it where it should have been and didn't even think of it when I stepped off the bumper of my camper and broke my leg and arm....(had I had the blasted card I could have had the rig taken home, my dog cared for, etc.).

    Whatever service you choose to get, you might consider putting the phone number/plan ID into your cell phone as sometimes the brain doesn't kick in fully in an emergency situation.
  9. DL Rupper

    DL Rupper Senior Member

    Re: Big Sam Club Emergency Road Service

    Hey PattieAm, couldn't you have just called the Good Sam 1-800 number and got the info to take care of your EMA situation. The Good Sam 1-800 customer service people seem to have all the member data on their computer. Just a thought.

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