Bike storage pod for my MH

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Flyboy, Jan 9, 2005.

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    We are looking for some type of bicycle storage pod that we could mount on the front of our Allegro pusher. Several years ago we saw a Monico with a plastic/fiberglass? clamshell pod mounted on the front of their coach. Mounting was simple--two 2' receivers attached to the frame. It was fully enclosed, hinged, lockable and held two bicycles. It was really a great concept and appeared to be very light. At the time, we had no problem with storing our bikes in the basement of our previous MH so I didn't ask any questions. Our Allegro pusher is not quite as accomodating for storing our bikes in the basement. We are getting ready to buy new bikes (almost $3,000 each...that's why they don't hang off the ladder or dangle from a rack)and would like to have a "pod" to put them in.

    If you have any suggestions or leads as to where I might be able to find such a thing they would be sincerely appreciated.

    Travis Rayner
    Mobile, Alabama
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    Bike storage pod for my MH

    It sounds like a Remora / GearSpace34 from

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