boo hoo Keystone sold!

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Carolinagirl, Feb 10, 2002.

  1. Carolinagirl

    Carolinagirl New Member

    Boo hoo!
    Oh well, that Springdale Keystone we had our eyes on is sold. We went to dealer yesterday and it was gone. I guess that one was just not meant to be for us as we don't have the cash to claim it yet. However, we have seen some new units, Pioneer made by Fleetwood. This also is an entry level travel trailer. We really liked what we saw, but again have to wait until we sell our pop-up. Does anyone here have any experience or information on the Pioneers they'd like to share. Thanks!

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  2. C Nash

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    boo hoo Keystone sold!

    Don't fret, sometimes not having the cash works out for the best. Makes us look longer and see more units. Plenty out there and the perfect one for you is waiting. Lots of bad reviews on Fleetwood products but, there or probably more fleetwood products sold than any other brands so, i would expect to see more bad reviews. If I found one I liked and it checked out I would have no problem buying a Fleetwood. All companys turn out lemons but, we have never owned a camper we did not enjoy and that includes tents, converted bus, Brogham tt, Starcraft pop-up, three airstreams, Scotty, Holiday Rambler, Aluma Lite and our Cougar. Keep looking and enjoy the Pop-up

    Chelse L. Nash
  3. candie25

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    boo hoo Keystone sold!

    There is probably a better one out there for you
    that one was not in the stars,think of it this way
    in a few months you won't even remember that one
    because you will have found a better one,we did(hugs)

  4. Cliff

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    boo hoo Keystone sold!

    I've been taking a hard look at the Terry 28' with slide out, only cost around $15k or slightly more than a Coleman Niagra!! If I had to the tow vehicle to pull it, I would already have bought it!

    UPDATE: I was looking at the Terry 27H with MSRP of $15.3K, dealer had it listed at $15.7k...


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  5. drummerman

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    boo hoo Keystone sold!

    Be carefull with Fleetwood products. Not only have they gotten a bad rap, but I think they still use wood for their frames.
    I had a buddy that had a leak he didn't know about until he found the rot.

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