Boycott nova scotia ?

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by goldone, Mar 14, 2011.

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    We are a group of 6 motorhomes, we are all on fixed incomes. Old age, half on canada pension disability... we would like to visit NOVA SCOTIA, but tourism NS said it is against provincial laws to overnight at a walmart or flying j, . WE WANT TO VACATION TOO ! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE RICH, TO RV. Please help, Nova Scotia sucks in our rv world.
  2. goldone

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    RE: Boycott nova scotia ?

    It is NOT, anymore, the law that you have to stay at a designated site...
    The empolee was misinformed
    Now we will change our plans, to include NOVA SCOTIA... CHEERS. ENJOY LIFE
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    RE: Boycott nova scotia ?

    Thats good news.
    I spent 3 weeks up there last Aug/ Sept C.G. ranged $17.00 to 34.00. Gas was the biggest $ last year I was paying up to $1.17/Liter or $4.50/ Gal.Who knows what it will be this year. FYI Traveling in Canada my credit cards companys charged 3% exchanged rate So if I was to do it again I would get enough Canadian $ to save that rate it adds up quick. Cape Britten area was beauitiful just watch out for moose in roadways.

    I did spent a couple nights @ walmarts no problem.

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    Re: Boycott nova scotia ?

    Hi, we are planning to see as much of the maritimes as possible, a few rv sites gave us the finger, for overnighting at walmarts,
    But we don't have the cash to stay at campsites, every night.. enjoy your summer.

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