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  1. bobbiep

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    :eek: HELP! I have just been quoted $3500 for a brake job to my Airex motor home. Are they crazy or am I?

    Does anyone out there have any idea on what this should really cost? I can only think of contacting brake shops and see if I can get a ball park figure to find out whether or not I am being taken to the cleaners.

    Then: get this: Once they take the wheels off your coach to check the brakes they are not allowed to let the rig leave their shop unless you submit to the repairs or have it towed elsewhere!!

    Can sombody out there help me out with some info?

    (Been RVing for over 20 years and gone thru 2 other rigs and NEVER had problems like this. Only 53K miles on this rig.

  2. C Nash

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    Re: BRAKES!

    First I would get another shop opinion. What kind of brake repair are they talking about? Not familiar with the Airex Is it Diesel, Chevy, Ford chassis. Sounds to me like you will be the crazy one if you agree to this. Give us more info as to what they will do on the brake job. Welcome to the forum
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    Re: BRAKES!

    Nash the airex is a ford chasis ,, and it's built by Rexhaul ,, but u'r right ,, it's sounds funny to me ,, btw i posted in the other post about the call me crazy thingy on this ,,, sorry should have looked down a post or 2 ,, but it's on there ,, but i will post more on here instead of there ,, did i confuse u ??? i did confuse myself ,,, oh well i live in a life of confusion ,, i work on these damn things (rvs that is ) :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  4. bobbiep

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    Re: BRAKES!

    Thanks for the welcome!

    It's a Ford 460 chassis and the Airex is made by Rexhall Industries out of Lancaster, California. It's a 37' gas A Class. Very nice motorhome and drives like a DREAM! But boy have we had a lot of little problems with it.

    It's not all the rotors, it's the rear axel pads and rotors and calipers and then they say the calipers for the front need replacing but the rotors can be turned.??
  5. bobbiep

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    Re: BRAKES!

    OK, I called an 18 wheeler shop and he took the vin number and Rexhall Industries number and called them to find out what would be needed to do a complete brake overhaul. He quoted me $1900 for all pads, rotors and calipers. Sounds a lot better to me, but then if there is anything else wrong???? it will cost more and I don't know what else could be wrong with them!

    Now I have to find a tow truck to haul it from the RV repair shop to the diesel shop.....darn triple A only pays for ONE MILE! Can you beat that? That's to get you to pay extra for their "PLUS" program. Life just keeps getting better and better doesn't it? :laugh:
  6. utmtman

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    Re: BRAKES!

    You need to look into gettin coachnet and drop trip A
  7. C Nash

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    Re: BRAKES!

    The only thing I would question is why the calipers need replacing and what is wrong with the rotors? The price sounds reasonable at the 18 wheeler shop. triple A will only pay for 1 mile :eek: wow I would look for another company. very few times will you break down a mile from service. Yep, ever morning I wake up makes life great. Life is to short to worry about things you can't control.
  8. cougarkid

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    Beat them both at their own game!

    Have AAA tow it 1 mile from the shop, get in and drive it to where ever you want to get it fixed, or take it home and do it yourself.


    PS: sorry for the late reply :)

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