Built-In Vacuums (AKA: Central Vacuum, In-Wall, etc.)

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by finernfrogfur, Jul 28, 2011.

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    We will be doing full-time in a 5er and we have pets. Need something well made and easy /light weight to use.

    Please give me your reviews /opinions about Built-In Vacuums for RV use. What brand are you using, or have used, and why do you like it, or didn't like it?

    I've Googled only to find this type of vacuum mostly for home use or the Dirt Devil for RV's. My personal opinion is that Dirt Devil does not make a very good house vacuum so, why would I think their RV model would be any better? There has to be a company out there that does make a GOOD QUALITY machine that's made well (REAL nuts 'n bolts opposed to 99% plastic built) and performs for RV use.
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    RE: Built-In Vacuums (AKA: Central Vacuum, In-Wall, etc.)

    well i don;t know about for rv use ,, never have really asked ,, but i have a good customer that Owns Beam Of Knoxville ,, and they do the central stuff in houses ,, and his system is way better then the dirt devil one ,, but agian ,, i need to talk with him about it ,, (rv use) ,, since the vacuum system they use would take up one side of the rv ,, he might be willing to look into a system for rvs ,, don't know why he hasn't yet since he owns a Prevost MH ,, but there agian ,, he pays somebody to clean it for him :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    Re: Built-In Vacuums (AKA: Central Vacuum, In-Wall, etc.)

    Thanks for the link Jim!!
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    RE: Built-In Vacuums (AKA: Central Vacuum, In-Wall, etc.)

    When you've had a chance to talk with your friend about this please let me know what they have to say. Thanks!!

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