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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by denanicole, Aug 20, 2007.

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    Wondering if anyone can help me with the purchasing of a new camper. I have two that I am looking at but wanted somone else's thoughts. 2004 Prowler quad bunks in back also has a slide out. Dealer wants 14,500. Another dealer has a 2007 brand new Springdale with the same layout quad bunks and slideout. for 15,000. Any reason why I shouldn't purchase the brand new one for 500 more?
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    Re: Buying a new camper

    New has 2 advantages: 1) nobody has made undocumented modifications or misused it. 2) full warranty.
    and 2 disadvantages: 1) you get to eat the first year depreciation. 2) you have to deal with any factory defects.

    Used can be a better value (less depreciation) and hopefully (but not always) has the factory defects taken care of.

    New should be available for at least 25% off the MSRP. Used should be available for 'Low Retail' (from a dealer, less from a private party). In order to qualify for any 'retail' price, the used RV must be 'ready to sell'.

    A third option, if you can swing it, is to get a model from 'last year' which has not been sold. Since this has been sitting around on the lot for a year, the dealer should be willing to dicker more. Insist on paying the used (not new) price for that model and year, since that is what it will be worth the instant you buy it, yet you get the full warrenty and no former owner problems to deal with.

    Unless the 2004 is overpriced, or the 2007 is massively discounted, it would seem to indicate that the 2004 is considered to be a 'better' unit than the 2007, since its used price is so close to the other one's new price.
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    Re: Buying a new camper

    If you have no RV experience, I suggest that you consider joining the RV Consumer Group and get the educational materials that they provide the members and also the ratings that the give for makes and models of RV. It could be one of the best purchases you will ever make. You can find them by going to
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    Re: Buying a new camper

    I agree with Kirk, even after owning 1 for 13 years I thought that I knew alot. After joining this forum and going through the CDs and book from the Consumer book,, I went out to the dealerships. I am having a blast dealing with salesmen that don't know what they're selling, and when you have knowledge in this game, you'll win.

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