Can anyone out there tell me about Nu-Wa RV's

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Patrick-HMS, Aug 23, 2009.

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    Stupid name I know, and I am assuming that they are not American made, but neither are MB, Lexus, or Infiniti nor most other "luxury vehicles" besides Cadillac and Lincoln.

    Just wondering about their build quality, etc. Things one cannot see from the outside, or by just looking at the inside. If I am careful, I can use something having a poor resale value to my advantage IF the build quality and fit and finish is there.

    To me, I want to buy a quality RV with the nicest interior I can find. A friend has a high-end Diesel pusher, and inside it is wonderful to live in, but also has a wonderful price tag and monthly payment.

    The Nu-Wa RV's appear to be high end, but seem to not hold their resale value very well. But that is what makes a Cadillac or Lincoln such a bargain, when you can get the luxury of a $50K vehicle for 10-15 cents on the dollar when you buy it used.

    Looking at photos of Nu Wa interiors, I could live in a camper with such a nice interior and be very happy with it.

    Searching this forum didn't help much, I tried that before I asked here.

    Anyone out there have one, do you like it? Would you buy another one?

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    RE: Can anyone out there tell me about Nu-Wa RV's

    I have a 2009 HitchHiker Discover America. Am I pleased, you bet. No major problems, a couple of do it yourself fixes. We do weekends and vacations in the summer and then head to Florida for the winter. It's very comfortable for extended living. The people at NuWa are great to deal with, when you talk to them you can tell they really want to help.

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