Can you offer advice on RV route Vancouver to Calgary

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by ScotTravellers, Apr 7, 2009.

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    Hi Folks,

    We are 30 something Scots travelling to Canada for the first time in June of this year. We will be in Canada for 21 days but looking to RV for 14 of these from Vancouver to Calgary. Can you offer any advice on routes to ensure we see as many of the wonderful sights as possible.
    I am looking to rent an RV with a collection at Vancouver and drop off in Calgary - any suggestions.
    I need to get our route confimred before I can hazard a guess at the mileage allowance required for the rental agreement!
    Any advice would be much appreciated.
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    Re: Can you offer advice on RV route Vancouver to Calgary

    Hello and welcome, As to Route
    Take TC-1 out of Vancouver to Hwy-1 east then Hwy-5 through Chilliwack then Kamloops and Tete Jaune Cahe and Hwy-16 on to Jasper a lot to see on this route but thew best is to come. Then hwy93 and Hwy-1 to Calgary through the National parks that will keep you in fantastic country. A side trip to Golden and to Radium Hot springs if time On Hwy 40.

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    RE: Can you offer advice on RV route Vancouver to Calgary

    Ash, there are two routes that you could take from Vancouver to Calgary, i.e. Route 1 and Route 3 and I have travelled both. Both have their own scenery and points of interest with the latter runningcloe tothe USA-Canada border. It is a slower road than the # 1 and to some less scenic, depending on what you may be looking for. Route1 is popular for long distance truckers going to the coast and is obviously the shortest. You could look at an option of the Coquihalla Toll Highway that cuts some time off Route 1. Get onto this near Hope and comes out at Kamloops although you might want to take 97C at Merritt to Kelowna and then north to Salmon Arm. Jasper is nice, but that will take you well above Calgary and more toward Edmonton unless you then back-track. Lake Louise and Banff are well worth the visit and they are on the route to Calgary. Distance from Jasper to Lake Louise is about 230 kms (143 miles). If you go Route #3 you will come out near Lethbridge, Albertawhere there are many interesting attractions and then have to turn north to Calgary about an hour or so away. You are probably looking at about 1,000 kms (625 miles) Vancouver to Calgary via # 1 but you could check out provides an easy calculation of distances between various points in British Columbia and Calgary.Any side trips off Route 1, such as to Radium Springs, could be calculatedin determiningyour mileage allowance.

    I preferthe latter part of June for travelling through the Rockies than the first part of that month based on my experience.

    Enjoy your travels:) .

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