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    Those that may be interested in volunteering at Cape Hatteras in the future, blog has updated information.

    There are no known ads on the blog,,there are links to other websites that I personally use or enjoy,,,just a fun way to keep track of volunteer information.

    If anyone has any recommendations for additional information that would be helpful; I would like to consider including it for each Volunteer location.

    If I had only known that volunteering at Historic sites was going to be so enjoyable, could have started earlier. Can't believe how much fun I am having. I keep waiting for them to bill me.

    Approximately 6-8,000(conservative estimate) visitors in 3 weeks, what a great cross section of folks from around the world.....Holland, Germany, India, Taiwan, China, Latin America, Carribean, Japan, England, and all over the US with a sincere interest in the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.....Sounds like an ad.....over 2 million visit the National Seashore every year.....

    CHLH Update:

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