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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by rogden, Jul 18, 2008.

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    we just bought a 2001 Wildwood 24' trailer. It did not come with a carbon monoxide detector, but we already had one so we put it in to be safe. 3:30 AM the thing starts beeping and woke us up. The furnace wasn't on or the water heater. The only thing running was the fridge. We were in the mountains so it was running of propane. We opened the windows and doors and aired the trailer out and the detector turned off and we had a spare battery so we put it in but later it started beeping again. We went to another place to spend the rest of the night and the next morning started checking to see what could be the problem. We have checked out the venting and it all seems ok. We were wondering if anyone else has had problems with carbon monoxide or detectors. Since we leave the trailer at about 9000 feet up in the mountains until October, we can't really take it to a dealer or repairman without a lot of trouble. If anyone has a suggestion of what to look for, what to fix, etc, we would be grateful. We might have to move it down to a repairman if we can't figure it out.
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    Re: carbon monoxide problem

    While it might not hurt to try a different detector, do not ignore it.

    Are there any signs of soot on the outside of your refrigerator? That would indicate poor combustion which could also be the source of the CO. The fact that it stops when you get fresh air in, would seem to indicate that it is working, but it is remotely possible that it could be over sensitive.

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