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  1. Aceventura

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    I have recentley bought a 1979 Tioga and after the first week of cleaning to make it respectable, have now started to come to terms with the nitty gritty part THE ENGINE.
    The journey back home from buying the van was fine but it started spluttering and back firing the first morning i started it from cold.So in the garage for a service she goes.Now im informed i need a new/recon carb.The guy is willing to take it out and soak then clean it first but if this fails then the fun starts.

    Is the engine compatable to any other make or is there an alternative,is this a common fault.I have a couple of others small snagsbut thought i would begin with the biggest!

    Engine manufacturer?

    Thanks in advance for any help or basic info on the engines for these things.
  2. C Nash

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    Re: Carburettor

    Sounds like you need another mechanics opinion to me. Lots of other things it could be besides carburator. Could be as simple as choke problem. Sounds like electrical problem but guessing can be dangerous without checking the problem. DWhat do you mean when you ask if the engine is compatable to any other make? Lot of different make rvs use the same drivetrain and chassis. Need more information
  3. Aceventura

    Aceventura New Member

    RE: Carburettor

    The compatability with using a carb from another make of vehicle.Its fine to start and tick over is okay but when i select drive and begin take off the spluttering starts followed by a couple of disgruntled back fires to let you know she aint happy.New plugs as the originals were shot and new leads fitted also.When up to temperature its better but still a bit rough,oh and the compatability is the same for the filter,the one that was in there was too small and had been cut leaving a 3 inch gap which wouldnt have helped.

    What make engine is this 8 cyl beast?
  4. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Re: Carburettor

    Steve it could be a Chev, Ford or Dodge. Yes you can fit different carbs on them. If its a chevy you may have a distributer problem, Did you ck the rotor and dist cap? How about timing? Could the mechanic where you took it not tell what kind of engine you have? If not get it away from there FAST :eek: What kind of carb do you have on it now?
  5. LEN

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    Re: Carburettor

    Think I would start with new Dist. cap, rotor,wires and plugs all of which most back yarders can do no problem. While your at it replace all the vacum hoses on the motor then see if the carb is the problem as you WILL need all of the above anyway and the carb maybe ok. Can't remember if this year is points or electronic ignition but if points change them too.

  6. cougarkid

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    Re: Carburettor

    Fuel filter, fuel filter, fuel filter!

    Dirty clogged fuel filter(s) will make it run poorly and backfire. Been there, done that 3 times on the same RV to get it right.

    Make sure you change all the fuel filters. There is probably an in-line one somewhere, too.

    Keep after it!
  7. stargazerww

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    Re: Carburettor

    carburetors wear out this is common i have the same issue with my 89 southwind just change out the distr cap , wires , plugs and look for air leaks in ur rubber hoses a new carburetor is about 400 dollars.... soaking ur carb may work but may give ya air leaks as well [some of the gunk may actually be plugging the holes] i would just stick to the recommend carb as this will work plus u can tune the carb a lot just get a pro to do this not hard.. good luck

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