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    Well, I just had to ask the following questions. I must have read hundreds of posts for this same subject area, but still wanted to ask anyway. Sorry if I offend anyone by asking,
    I've got a 1999 Dodge Ram, 5.9L V8 gas engine with tow package. not sure on the rear gear ratio. Owner's manual states max load 8,000. Looking to get a travel trailer (tired of the class a getting 6 MPG pulling tow dolly and car). Length somewhere around 27-30 feet and dry weight around 6,000 lbs. don't think I'll add that much more in weight when I pack. Thought maybe 7,500 lbs would be ok for this truck to pull. Thought I'd add air / helper shocks in rear of truck. Other thoughts are certainly welcome. Also, not really sure what brand to look closely at (except I don't want Forest River products).
    Thoughts? tks ;) I've been looking and saw some really nice ones on this web site for used.
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    Re: Changing Campers/RVs

    7500 pounds would probably be pushing it. That 8000 pounds is for a truck with no accessories, no cargo, no passangers. Nothing but a 150 pound driver and a bit of fuel. To be safe, you probably want to keep your trailer GVWR to 6000 pounds or 6500, depending on how you load your truck. Dry weight is a poor thing to use to figure out what you can tow, since it is sometimes not accurate (does not compensate for things added or changed by the dealer or a previous user). And it does not include the stuff you will probably have, like hookup supplies, water, possibly sewage, food, clothes, tools, clothes and 'toys'.

    27-30 feet may be a bit long for that weight range. I had a 24.5 foot ultralight fiver which claimed a dry weight of 5500 pounds and a GVWR of 7500. It was pretty flimsy and started falling apart in just a couple years of occasional usage.

    With a GMC 2500HD, 6L gas engine pulling 6500 pounds, I got 8.2 MPG at the speed limit. Slowing to 55 upped the MPG to 10.2
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    Re: Changing Campers/RVs

    Hey Archer, what kind of mileage do you get empty with the V-8? I totally agree with John, you probably don't want to exceed the 6 to 6.5 K GVWR limit. 27 foot TT or smaller would most likely be the best size.

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    Re: Changing Campers/RVs

    I get around 17 highway and 13/14 in the city on the truck. I think we have decided to just work on the ole gal (the Class A winnebago w/19k miles on her) and use her for another two years or so. She needs some work, but she is still pretty nice for an ole gal and she is paid for and has more storage than I have seen on most other models. If I can just find out where she is leaking when it rains, I'd sure be a lot happier. I'm at a loss for the leak. Winnebago told me to have the inside pressurized and then put soapy water on roof and look for bubbles and that is where my leak is.....but I'm not sure where to get this done and what it would cost. Anyway, thanks for the help. Maybe I'll win the lottery and buy a big fiver and a bigger truck to pull it......dreamin....... :laugh: :) ;)

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