Choosing an RV for full timers

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    Hi guys, we are new to RVing but are very enthusiastic. We are looking to buy our first RV and live in it full time. We heard people refer to it as “Full timing.” We’re hoping to get some tips from all the experienced folks out here and recommendations on selecting our first RV. At the moment, we don’t have a vehicle for the towing. To not be limited by the vehicle, we’re looking to decide on an RV and then buy the truck that best suit for towing it.

    After doing a research about the different options available, we came up with a list of features we need in an RV.

    RV requirements list:
    • Budget $13,000
    • Travel trailer / Toy hauler
    • Up to 30ft length
    • Sleeps 2 minimum
    • Queen bed
    • Sitting area with a table
    • Private sleeping area (area that can be close off)
    • Ramp back door - preferable
    • Kitchen i.e. refrigerator, range oven, microwave, sink etc
    • Shower & toilet
    • No expandable tent (hybrid)
    • Awning
    • 2 axles

    Any suggestions regarding make and models of RV based on those features and budget would be greatly appreciated!
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